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garret's Journal
20 most recent entries

Date:2003-10-21 11:39
Mood: tired

(i have felt nothing for my failure)

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Date:2003-10-08 17:05
Mood: giddy

it's been a while since i've updated.
a lot has been happening in my personal life.
i met someone.
someone very special to me now.
i can't say his name due to his desire for "us" to remain a secret.
oh how i love him.
this is a weird time in my life right now.
sorry to anyone i have seemed distant to.
he's just been on my mind and taking up all of my time.
no complaints about that-but i do apologize to my friends i havent been friendly to lately.
i just thought i would drop an entry to let everyone know i'm still alive.
and i guess you could call this my "coming out of the closet" entry.
thank you to everyone who still loves me for who i am and who i am becoming.
i will probably start updating more often now that this is out of the bag.
it's a great load off to be able to just get this out.
that's about all i have for now.

i hope i see him tonight...

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Date:2003-07-29 03:05
Subject:my way my way my way my way my way my way
Mood:too selfabsorbed to change

sometimes you can't tell you've drifted so far, until you can no longer see the shore. i got back at 830pm. i swam with friends and aquaintances at LA QUINTA. and i just finished a box of crackers. i'll wake tommorrow to go work.

the drinks will get stronger and much much more frequent.

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Date:2003-07-08 14:41
Mood: complacent

So quiet i can hear that the refrigerator is on. I can hear the fabric of your sleeping bag-how it sounds on someone else's floor. There was a small riot that kept me up until dawn. It seems someone had something to say to the rest of the party out on the lawn.

Who called? What the hell did they say? Get off the telephone right now. Don't throw another minute away. No, not today...not today.

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Date:2003-06-20 15:37
Subject:should you find yourself

my old addiction...
like a flood upon the land.
this tiny boat can keep me dry but my weight is all that it can stand.

thats my old addiction...
makes me crave only what is best for me.

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Date:2003-05-19 11:39
Subject:it isn't funny anymore
Mood: numb

Pick a band. Use their song titles to answer.
I choose piebald

are you male or female?

describe yourself,
the king of the road

how do some people feel about you?
look, i just dont like you

how do you feel about yourself?

describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest/spouse:
grace kelly with wings

where would you rather be?:
small town outside of boston

describe what you want to be/do:
giddy like a school girl

describe how you live:
in like a lamb out like a lion

describe how you love:
sex sells and unfortunately im buying

share a few words of wisdom:
its going to get worse before it gets better

ah yes...theres that blank stare i've been missing.

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Date:2003-05-12 13:41
Subject:people grow and move in step with the green paper flow
Mood: recumbent

Birth Date: 08/19/84
Name on Birth Certificate: stephen garret kelly
Colour of eyes: doodoo
Nicknames: gayrat
Ever been so drunk you blacked out: like erry day
Burnt a body part on fire for amusement: nuh uh
Been in a car accident: yea i hit a pregnant lady :-/
Dated a married woman/man: tout les temp

Been in love: only on the weekends

Had an imaginary friend: nu uh
Wanted to hook up with a friend: yea
Cried during a Movie: maybe baby
Had a crush on a teacher: mr fuller
Been on stage: yep
Been sarcastic: NOOOOOOOO
Colour: brown
Number: twailve
Summer/Winter: daddy its our summah
Food: pete-sah
Music: salsa
Book: bible
clothing: zax
Fave Movie: braveheart
Fave song: dont gots me un a dem
Fave celebrity female: alliya REST IN PEACE
Fave celebrity male: kurt cobaine REST IN PEACE

Fave Ice Cream: niller

Fave Subject: art
Fave Drink: wahwah


Food: mr wangs
In people: nosy
About yourself: my job

Music: kenny chesney

---RIGHT NOW--------
Wearing: cargo pants grey shirt
Eating: nothing
Drinking: nothing
Thinkin : about you
Listening to: nuffin
Talking to: rodeorocker
THE LAST 24 HRS--------
Had sex: of course
Cried: nah
Worn a skirt: nopey dopey
Done laundry: yes maam...whites..colors when i get home
Drove a car: the laser babe
.................. ---DO YOU BELIEVE IN------- >
Yourself: i do
Friends: i do
Tooth Fairy: sadly no...my childhood beliefs are dead
Destiny/Fate: nah man
Angels: yes
Ghosts: maybe
Aliens: illegal? yes
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? nuh uh
Like anyone? claire daines
Who's the loudest friends u have?: firekid is loud
Who do you go to for advice: jose de jesus
Who/what do you think about most when ur not online? : prolly jose de jesus

Who do you cry with: steve pelicano

im at work. and im so sorry if you read this.


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Date:2003-05-11 02:09
Subject:aw i hate my job...im gonna burn this mother down
Mood: predatory

I came upon a doctor who appeared in quite poor health.
I said "there is nothing I can do for you, you can't do for yourself." He said "Oh yes you can. Just hold my hand. I think that would help."

-so today i woke at 8:30 and cut the grass
-at 10:30 i went to work to cut the grass there
-11:15 the lawn mower broke and i had to finish the job using a weed eater.
-at 1:30 i went home and took a shower
-i guess at about 2:30 i went to seths house for a lil bit then went to botanical gardens and saw my sister all pretty'd up for prom. she looked beautiful.
-3:30...i went to the mall and walmart with bo in search of a mothers day present...i bought her 2 shirts and got myself some hair dye
-after that i went out to eat with dj and zac and bo at mccallisters. dj one state in soccer for homewood...im proud of him. then it was about 830 or 9 and we were lookin fer something to do.
-we met up with firekid at DH...and that lil weirdo kersty started talking to herself while we were there...then she and hannah and sarah left without saying bye. but apparently i was in a bad mood.
well kersty i wasnt...till i read yer lj you lil jerk.
im ush playin
-then it was bout 11 and me and zac went to walmart(yep 2 times in one day...i dont think i can handle that again for quite sometime) we got some spray paint and then rode bikes and stinciled stuff and ran from dogs till our legs were jello and our sweat was bountiful.
-its 2:30 i have been home for a lil bit wasting my life away on this computer. i've been up too long. happy mothers day...to the many moms who love reading my entry's.

So I sat with him a while and then I asked him how he felt.
He said, "I think I'm cured. No, in fact, I'm sure of it.
Thank you Stranger, for your therapeutic smile."

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Date:2003-04-23 14:00
Subject:runnin her hands through my fro
Mood: intimidated

so man....
im updating from work again.
i just washed all the cars. i also just backed one of our big vans into one of our itty bitty hondas. i think i saw that i was about to hit it, but you know me....i just couldnt wait to give myself something else to feel stupid about.
speaking of feeling dumb...
go to this site (http://pixyland.org/peterpan/)
thats what your gunna say when you look at it
but its true. sad. but true

im gunna go to church toneezy fasheezy
sorry i was being a jerk last night

and there it is

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Date:2003-04-16 12:45
Subject:whoa like OMGEAH
Mood: nauseated

so i've been here at wizork fer a while...and i'm actually bored enough to update!!!
right now i'm eating a banana, and lookin for a cool picture to put at the bottom of this entry cause thats the cool thing to have.
i'm gunna hit up some ralliegh ave tonight...and then i'm gunna hang out with matt and shaun i think. with any luck i'll convince shaun to give me a tatoo by the end of the night...i'm thinkin a big gorilla on my chest with a knife in its teeth. cause that'll never go out of style right? i mean how bad would it suck to have something on you for the rest of your life that wasnt BAD-A like my gorilla idea.

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Date:2003-04-13 22:41
Subject:its no use to keep a secret
Mood: shocked

man....i havent updated in like a year
prolly cause nothin interesting has been goin on....or actually prolly cause im too lazy to type out my boring days on here like all of you guys do.
i worked today....tommorrow i work
and now im goin to bed

theres not much to me.
OOOO i almost fergot
i do want to say to whoever got zax car with the chocolate syrup and feathers.....i cleaned it up....so that means....im gonna get you back with zac....which means you probably shouldnt have done it;)

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Date:2003-03-19 11:05
Subject:whats shakin pops

breast implants!

what's YOUR deepest secret?
brought to you by Quizilla

we are recording some new songs right now ;) ;) its goin good
peace out

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Date:2003-03-10 16:36
Mood: exanimate

hey there kittykat
we're goin to play a show in florence tonight...somewhere on the UNA campus. it should be fun. i've got a few good friends in flotown so it should be kinda cool gettin to see em.
kevdog lives there....that guy is seriously insane. theres gotta be something messed up with a straight guy who gets a pink tattoo on his butt. he's gotta full sleeve and the only thing he shows off is that queer butt tattoo.
we are gunna be recording pretty soon i think....and spring break is coming up. my whole life is one big spring break, but im still lookin forward to it. i luh da beach.
firekid got a journal....go check it out. im glad he got one...and not another chick. livejournal has become one big girly gossip session. girls dont know how to take jokes.
take it sleazy

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Date:2003-03-02 02:03
Subject:now how bout a little kiss
Mood: high

today i went to work at ten....then came home and had a shower.
i met up with firekid and dj and matt, and we went to joe muggs and met up with patrick and jarrod. i tried to pick up some chicks with my tard impersonations, but sadly it didnt werk.
then we went to firekids lake house which is only like 25 minutes away...and started fires and wrastled and did stuff that we used to do when we knew how to have fun. it seems like lately all i do is work, go out to eat, or go to peoples houses and i never get around to doin the immature stuff that i used to live for. i have carpet burns on my elbows and a big gash in my pants.
i hope i never get so old that i cant whipe my own butt. i think my brother was sayin something about it yesterday...that some of the old people in the retirement homes have to have people whipe there butts for them. heh. that just blows. i mean...its bad enough having to stick your own hand down there...and then having some male nurse do it for you....those dirty old people.
dang...i had a weird dream last night. first off i keep havin dreams im back in highschool and i keep gettin in fights...but this time it was zac tryin to pick a fight with a bunch of big black dudes....and im tryin to calm everybody down...but zac just keeps inticing them (ppsst,probably with the n werd) good one zac. so what ends up happening is zacs face implodes because of the many big black fists being thrown at it....and i end up carrying him outside to his car and tossing his unconsious body in his trunk. then i think i went back inside where all of a sudden there was a party goin down. owww owwww


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Date:2003-03-01 01:27
Subject:xbox is seally
Mood: sore

johnny cash is old. he covers a nine inch nails song called hurt...and its pimp. go listen to it.
"and you pour my coffee and say baby 'all that caffiene causes bad dreams'...and now your anxiety is on me.....well if you wanna make a run for it my love i'd cover you, and if you need money for bills my lover i could cover you."
do i look like this? cause that would mean i look like an alcoholic.
hey baby...no no....how YOU doin?
whoa, ill bet you feel lucky. you play guitar like
your in poison the well but write like your
drunk and in sunny day. you KNOW your probably
the coolest kid ever, but youd never admit it,
or wait.......nah......you wouldnt admit it.
slick back the shag with some vasoline and do
some pushups, the shows about to start.

brought to you by Quizilla
apparently i like my chicks slutty and insecure...kinda like me.
"and if you need money for bills this month my love i'd cover you and if you have to lie to everyone well i'd cover up for you...cause we're growin older growin up...just like our parents before us...with the new job at the coffee shop we're ready for anything"

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Date:2003-02-20 06:10
Subject:hey kers ball
Mood: flirty

i dont think this is gonna be my normal comedy act routine. i just aint feelin it right now kiddies;).
i heard music today that i havent heard in years. and i stood outside and my nose was filled with the smell of a coming rain. in the evenings of summer...when the whole day has been filled with heat and sweat, that can be the best smell in the whole world. and the humidity fills the air...pushing a wet breeze across your clothes. and you stand there, just soaking it in. like you are soaking life in with each breath you take...cause this wind is something that you wish you always felt and that you always wish you breathed.
anyway...my memory was flooded with the many times i have smelt that smell, and felt that feeling. but its like it wasnt the same.
i guess time changes even the best things in life. or maybe its just me tahts changed. it'd be nice if everything always changed for the better. itd be nice. but thats ok. there are few things that could get too much better in my life. and no im not braggin. im just sayin thanks.

peace out baby

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Date:2003-02-12 13:52
Subject:sure.....of course
Mood: apathetic

"and i miss you, are you glad i'm finally gone. i'm so sorry to hear that. i'm so sorry, have i hurt you. i have hurt myself."

so my bro told me he read somewhere...that to make yourself look smarter, while listening to someone, instead of keeping the conversation flow smooth with the casual "yea" or "mhm"....you should say "sure" or "of course"....this shows your obvious dominance over someone, and you come out lookin like you know what there talkin about before they tell you.
this guy came into work just a few minutes ago and i tried this theory out on him. im not sure how i looked in his eyes, but i felt like an idiot sayin "of course" to stuff i didnt know anything about. oh well...im not sure i could pass for a smart guy anyway.

"Love as fragile as a wine glass. It couldn't last forever. i'm so sorry. It should have meant forever. i remember how we kissed, one night as forever."

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Date:2003-02-05 16:51
Subject:WHAT IT IS
Mood: crazy

past few days ive been working and being productive.

my dad keeps sayin he wants me to go back to school.
but each time i just tell him...no thanks...i can find other ways to waste your money
and then usually i pick his pocket and go buy stuff on his creditcard

you see that cute face up there??? do you see it?
its gonna make you proud pappy

hmmmmmm....ok so
me and chippy got together and worked on some new hits. bo was there for some of it and kept telling us what we should do. ok bo.

but freal though...im about to get off work. and im gonna go to ralliegh tonight.
"none of us knows, and that makes it a mystery. if life is a comedy...then why all this tragedy. 3 and a half pounds of brain try to figure out what this world is all about and is there an eternity...is there an eternity?"
im sick of the me i've been, but its hard to change for the better. but you know what...pussin out wont get me nowheres.
"my grace is sufficient for thee. for my power is made perfect in weakness"
amen L-rd Jesus

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Date:2003-02-02 02:38
Subject:hey cutie
Mood: infuriated

first when i was out at breakfast....my dumb ars waitress spilled my drink all over me. which sucked...cause i was wearing my new pants.....then i had a freakin flat tire on the way home!..thats right a freakin flat tire....and so i had to change that in my coke stained pants....and then get this....on the way home right after i change my tire this dumb old guy rear ends me....the son of a....it didnt cause much damage but i still had to wait for a cop and fill out a dang police report and crap. so then when i get home....my dad has found my weed that i had in like 6th grade....its crazy....he was cleanin out the garage and found one of my old hiding spots....and of course he doesnt believe me...so then im freakin yelled at by my pops for like an hour.....then i just get the freak outta there....cause i mean....i cant tell him bout the accident or nothin....he'd probably burst that vein in his head.....and so as im speedin away from my house i pass a mother effin cop....and this big pig prick pulls me over and gives me a freakin ticket.....THATS RIGHT....a ticket.....even though i faked cryin and even made up a bullcrap story about my mom just dying 2 days ago. what a prick
and so by this time im ready to freakin shoot somebody.....so i just go to a friends house to try and calm down. he wasnt there.....but his mom let me in....she was being real hospitable...i think i smelled alcohol on her breath....so then next thing i know shes tryin to take off my shirt and stuff....and is throwin me on her bed and jumpin on me and crap....it was crazy....then you wont believe what happened....first in walks daddy.....and this 200 pounder grabs me by the gonads and throws me across the room.....i mean....i was tryin to fight back and everything but it didnt do nothin....then in walks my friend...and hes like dad quit!...but then pops tells him that i was tryin to get on his mom....and so he joins in with kickin my head in.....they only did this for a few minutes before they threw me out....so i walked away with minor injuries....but geeze.....what a crappy freakin day
i went to zax today and wasted my life away in that freakin room of theres.....but i figured id make my life a lil more interestin
k peace out negros

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Date:2003-02-01 17:32
Subject:thank you sary

so friday i went and saw the recruit.....it was aight....i think the script was kinda bad, but the actors were pretty good....i mean...its got pacino....so
then last night we went and played in chatanooga....it was pretty cool.
now im goin to play some music
peace out

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